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Hotels Hunedoara

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Hunedoara Travel Guide

Hotels - Find great deals on hotels in Hunedoara, Romania.

Attractions - List of the most famous places you must see while being in Hunedoara.

Eating out - Find the perfect restaurant to dine in Hunedoara.

Transportation - Find out the best way to get around.

Hunedoara Hotel Map - Check out the hotel map to browse through your favorite hotels.

Hunedoara General Information

Location: Western Romania, Transylvania region
County: Hunedoara
Total area: 97 square kilometers
Elevation: 278 meters
Climate: continental moderate
Total Population: about 57,000 inhabitants

Facts about Hunedoara

• Hunedoara’s highest peak of population was registered in 1992, when the city hosted about 81,000 inhabitants
• Due to the presence of an industrial park, Hunedoara is an attractive place for investors, that being also the reason for its economic growth in various industries
• Hunedoara is the birthplace of several important Romanian sportsmen like Mircea Lucescu, Ioan Andone, Bogdan Lobont and Mihai Leu

Tourist info – Hunedoara

• Definitely the representative touristic attraction in Hunedoara is the impressive Hunyad Castle, known also as Corvin, Corvins’ or Hunedoara Castle

• Hunyad Castle is built in a Gothic-Renaissance style, it was destroyed several times by fire but rebuilt by the authorities and today is for sure Hunedoara’s symbol

• According to Lonely Planet’s website, Corvin Castle is Europe’s most beautiful castle, along with several other amazing monuments around Europe

• Besides Hunyadi Castle, Hunedoara has many other attractions to offer, some of them are Cincis Accumulation Lake, The Peştiş Roman Ruins, Prislop Monastery and the Zoo

• Surrounding the city, Retezat National Park and Sarmizegetusa Regia are two of the most popular attractions for tourists who like outdoor activities and nature life, but also history

• Hunedoara is located at a distance of about 400 kilometers from Bucharest and the closest airports to Hunedoara are Sibiu International Airport and Deva Airport, a smaller one

• The official language in Hunedoara is Romanian but having also minority communities, in the city people also speak German and Hungarian

• The currency in Hunedoara is the Romanian Leu but there are plenty of exchange offices where you can get Lei from your currency

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Popular hotels in Hunedoara

Best Hotel

Best Hotel

Bd. Traian 26, Hunedoara, Romania

Guest Score: 8.5 / 10

0.59 mi / 0.95 km from Hunedoara
Reviews | Photos
from 27EUR Book Now
Vila Gorunul

Vila Gorunul

Str. Gorunilor Nr. 1, Hunedoara, Romania

Guest Score: 9.1 / 10

0.98 mi / 1.58 km from Hunedoara
Reviews | Photos
from 20EUR Book Now
Hotel Rusca

Hotel Rusca

Bvd. Dacia, Nr. 10, Hunedoara, Romania

Guest Score: 7.6 / 10

0.82 mi / 1.33 km from Hunedoara
Reviews | Photos
from 25EUR Book Now
Vila HD

Vila HD

Str. Munteniei Nr. 7a, Hunedoara, Romania

Guest Score: 9.2 / 10

0.77 mi / 1.25 km from Hunedoara
Reviews | Photos
from 23EUR Book Now
Hotel Restaurant Ciuperca

Hotel Restaurant Ciuperca

Str. Carol Davila Nr 1, Hunedoara, Romania

Guest Score: 7 / 10

1.07 mi / 1.73 km from Hunedoara
Reviews | Photos
from 18EUR Book Now
Hotel Bulevard

Hotel Bulevard

Str. Romanilor Nr.42, Hunedoara, Romania

Guest Score: 9.1 / 10

1.18 mi / 1.89 km from Hunedoara
Reviews | Photos
from 40EUR Book Now
Vila Corviniana

Vila Corviniana

Str. Constantin Bursan, Nr. 1, Hunedoara, Romania

Guest Score: 8.7 / 10

1.63 mi / 2.62 km from Hunedoara
Reviews | Photos
from 31EUR Book Now

About Hunedoara

Hunedoara is a city in Hunedoara County, Romania, situated in the Cerna Valley near the Poiana Rusca Mountains, within the Carpathian Mountains. Due to its location, it is known as one of the most picturesque cities in the country.

Besides being known as one of the country's most picturesque cities, Hunedoara is also one of Romania's most historical cities, being first mentioned in 1265, as Hungnod.

In the area, where Hunedoara stands today, including near Sain Peter Castle and the surrounding villages, archaeologists found Stone Age tools, fact which suggests that the city has a history that spans on a period, beyond documentary statement. ▸more